The New Trend: Bacon on Desserts

Chocolate Covered Bacon

A breakfast that includes bacon can be nothing short of delicious. Just a few years ago, there were popular recipes that included bacon wrapped entrees, too. Take a chicken breast and wrap it in bacon, then throw it on the grill, and you have a juicy chicken breast that will change your opinion of chicken forever. These days, though, bacon isn’t just reserved for that morning meal or even your evening grill. Now, more than ever before, people are topping desserts with bacon or even using it as a key ingredient inside that final course.

The Bacon Trend

Bacon has been a staple of American cuisine for years. It’s certainly not just an American food, though. Even the Romans ate one type of bacon. Because of the ease of production and fairly cheap nature, it was considered food for peasants throughout the 1600s. Modern bacon, though, comes straight from England. In the late 1700s, John Harris in Wiltshire created one of the first large businesses to cure bacon, and the area, even today, is known for its amazing bacon.

While bacon has seemingly always been at least a small part of the American diet, the trend toward baconizing absolutely everything didn’t really come into play until the mid-90s. Americans everywhere were looking for a path toward quick, easy weight loss. Suddenly, the Atkins diet came into play. A routine that prized protein above every other part of the diet, some turned to bacon as part of a healthy eating cycle. As the trend caught on and took off, bacon truly became the center of the show, inspiring songs, a few televisions shows, and even clothes and accessories that look like bacon.

The Move Toward Desserts

Thanks to this trend, you can find bacon on almost every restaurant menu these days, even in the dessert section. The thought that everything is better with bacon seems to have made its leap even this far. There are lots of choices within this world, too. Take the holiday favorite Peppermint Bark, for instance. Add a bacon flavored candy cane to the mix, and you have Bacon Bark, a new holiday favorite for the age of bacon. You've probably heard of chocolate-covered Oreos, but have you tried chocolate-covered bacon? Just imagine.

Home recipes are hardly the only place you’ll find bacon desserts. New York City, the capital of all things food, also has its share of bacon-encrusted desserts at restaurants of all shapes and sizes. One mobile cupcake shop serves a maple bacon cupcake that seems to be the ideal blend of both salty and sweet. Print, inside Ink 48, offers the Maple Bacon Sticky Bun for a delicious treat any time. DessertTruck Works even has a chocolate bread pudding that includes bacon sauce. Could you imagine giving a friend a bacon cookie box for their birthday too? It's definitely possible!

Great smaller eateries certainly aren’t alone in incorporating this trend. Even a big name like Burger King has jumped on board the bacon train with its bacon sundae. Featuring vanilla ice cream with hot fudge, it has bacon bits throughout the sundae as well as a strip of bacon on the top. It does weigh in at 510 calories, but that’s hardly a concern for someone who truly loves bacon, right?

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