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Send a Smile in Every Bite with a Cookie Bouquet

Smile Cookie Bouquet

A cookie bouquet is such a welcome surprise. Every day is the right day to send a cookie bouquet. Send one for a graduation, birthday, get well, congratulations, anniversary, housewarming, baby’s arrival, or just because. The finest cookie bouquets look like real flowers. Only they are decorated cookies. Usually they are sugar cookies cut out in flower shapes and decorated with brightly colored icing so amazingly done that you would swear they are real flowers. You can choose from sunflowers, tulips, roses, or more. Most companies offer standard cookie bouquets that are personalized to the occasion. So it’s not hard

National Cookie Holidays

National Cookie Holidays

Calling all cookie lovers! The cookie has earned its place in America’s heart. There are hundreds of versions of cookie boxes lining the shelves of supermarkets and under the glass freshly baked in bakeries. It’s no wonder that cookies would have worked their way to the minds of those who create national holidays. You may not get a day off from school or work for these cookie-related holidays, but they sure are fun. National Cookie Month Did you know that October is National Cookie Month? That’s just one more reason to celebrate the fall! No one’s really sure where the

How to Make Cookie Arrangements

Cookie arrangements are a lovely and delicious idea. What they consist of are cookie pops. They can be sugar or other types of cookies made by you. You simply insert a lollipop stick in each one before you bake it and then you’ll be able to set up a gorgeous arrangement. Cookie arrangements make great gifts for everyone on your list. First, think about the types of containers you want to give your bouquets in. Coffee mugs or a vase stuffed with oasis floral foam work well. But anything that will support the cookies and allow them to stand up

How to Make a Cookie Stencil

Cookie Stencil

photo credit: oskay via photopin cc Cookies can be so ornate these days that they are actually works of art. If you are interested in creating your own little artistic masterpieces, consider cookie stenciling. Many stencils can be purchased online or in a kitchen store for cookie baking, but you can also make your own. Heart shaped cookies with the words "I Love You" stenciled across them would make a thoughtful valentine's day cookie bouquet. It’s labor intensive, but fun to make a cookie stencil. Think of the stencils you used as a kid or stencils you see in art

Making Cookie Stamps

Potato Cookie Stamp

Cookie stamping is easily one of the most exciting parts of baking these days. You can buy a cookie stamp from any kitchen supplier. They come in lovely decorative designs from the simple to the ornate. You can use plain sugar cookie dough to turn out adorable and festive cookies with a cookie stamp. If you don’t want to buy your cookie stamp, try your hand at making your own. It’s not that hard, but it may take a little practice. If you’re a natural artist, you’ll have no trouble drawing your design. But if, like most of us, you’ll

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