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How to Make Soft Cookies

How to Make Soft Cookies

Cookies that are soft are moist and delicious. Cookies that were meant to be soft but have turned hard are a disappointment. To avoid having your gourmet cookies turn out like hockey pucks, follow these guidelines. First off, get an oven thermometer. Every oven is different and if a recipe says to bake your cookies at 350 degrees, you can’t just assume your stove is an exact 350 degrees when the dial says so. Test it. Make sure the internal temperature matches what it says on the dial. Then you can compensate for it if it’s not accurate. Don’t just

Got Hard Cookies? How To Soften Cookies

Got Hard Cookies? How To Soften Cookies

Some cookies, like springerle, are meant to be rock hard. When you dip them in coffee or tea, they become a delectable treat. Other cookies, like chocolate chip and sugar cookies, are meant to be a softer texture. If you have baked a batch of cookies that has turned rock hard, don’t throw them out. There are a few things you can do to soften them again. You will find that the most common advice is to place the cookies in a plastic container that seals. Include a piece of white bread along with the cookies. Seal the container and

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