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Hassle Free Holiday Cookies

Easy Holiday Cookies

Flickr Photo Credit: Anders Ruff Custom Designs Whip Up a Dozen or Two! It is hard to remember, sometimes, that holidays are supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable! They're supposed to be times of joy, when we can get together with our loved ones, sharing great food and even better company. But just because they're "supposed" to be all those things, doesn't mean they are. Holidays and special occasions are often hectic, chaotic, and jam-packed with chores and errands. One item you need not stress about is your desserts; here are some ideas for hassle-free holiday cookies.   No-Bake Cookies These

No Bake Cookies That Kids Can Make

No Bake Cookies Kids Can Make

There is no greater skill you can offer your child than the ability to cook. Not only does it provide valuable reinforcement for vocabulary, reading comprehension, and math skills, but it also offers them an essential life skill that can only lead to better health and nutrition down the road. With kids, though, you have to start simple and delicious, and no bake cookies are a great way to help empower them in the kitchen. Plus, when the cookies are done, you can teach them how to share and create a tasty cookie arrangement for friends or family! No-Bake Peanut

Cookies You Can Make With Kids

Kids love cookies!  The only thing that is better than eating the fresh-from-the-oven goodness is helping make them.  Because kids are not renowned for their delicate touch, it’s best to save your meringues and petit fours for another time.  Here are some great recipes for kids cookies you can make with your children and enjoy with everyone! No Bake Cookies This recipe is courtesy of AllRecipes, but you can find countless delicious variations online. These are wonderful for a quick afternoon snack or a scrumptious dessert. You’ll need: 1 ¾ cup white sugar ½ cup milk ½ cup butter 4

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