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How to Make Microwave Cookies

How to Make Microwave Cookies

Fast, Simple & Yummy! Maybe your oven is broken; maybe you're at college and only have access to a microwave; maybe you are tired and just want to press a button to make yourself a warm, delicious dessert. Whatever the reason, making microwave cookies is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you didn't know you could microwave cookies, welcome to the wonderful world of fast, easy treats! You can microwave ANY of your favorite cookies! These are hard to resist whether you bake them in the oven or the microwave. . Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookies From

No Bake Cookies That Kids Can Make

No Bake Cookies Kids Can Make

There is no greater skill you can offer your child than the ability to cook. Not only does it provide valuable reinforcement for vocabulary, reading comprehension, and math skills, but it also offers them an essential life skill that can only lead to better health and nutrition down the road. With kids, though, you have to start simple and delicious, and no bake cookies are a great way to help empower them in the kitchen. Plus, when the cookies are done, you can teach them how to share and create a tasty cookie arrangement for friends or family! No-Bake Peanut

How to make chocolate covered Oreo cookies


If you can’t imagine a cookie better than the Oreo, imagine this - Chocolate covered Oreos! Sound good? You can easily make them yourself in about ten minutes. You need little more than a love of chocolate to complete this recipe. The ingredients are basic and few. You’ll need: * One 12-ounce package of good chocolate chips. Use semi sweet or dark, white or mint, depending on your taste preference. * One Tablespoon of shortening. Use Crisco for best results and do not substitute butter or some other fat. * One package of your favorite Oreos. Here’s where you can

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