how to decorate cookies

5 Different Ways to Decorate Cut Out Cookies

Cookie Decorating Tips

Decorated Cookies for any Occasion It's so much fun to decorate cookies! If you love to mix, roll, and bake, then you'll have a great time decorating cut out cookies. Bring the kids in and make a party of it! There's no wrong way to decorate cookies. Just be sure to follow the recipes and try not to substitute any of the ingredients. After all, cookie baking is a science and you want your cookies and your icing to come out perfect so your cookies will look like works of art. Royal Icing Use Royal Icing to decorate cookies once

Snowflake Cookie Designs & Decorating Ideas

Snowflake Cookie Designs & Decorating Ideas

The weather outside may be dreadful, but the cookies are so delightful.  Winter is the perfect time to practice and perfect the art of baking delicious, beautiful gourmet cookies.  Your friends and family will be supportive of this endeavor, you can be sure!  Snowflake cookies are a great way to make the winter months a little more palatable or to treat yourself to something warm and soothing after a day of skiing, snowshoeing, or building snowmen.  Here are some snowflake cookie designs and decorating tips. A good cookie needs good dough.  For snowflake cookies, the best choices are sugar or

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