Sports Cupcake Ideas

Sports Cupcake IdeasPhoto Credit: Score Big Cupcakes

Score Big with Sports Themed Cupcakes!

Whether you are hosting a sports baby shower theme for an All Star Baby or even just a baseball themed birthday party for your own Little Slugger, these cupcake ideas are sure to score big with your guests. Plus, score you points for being super creative and clever!

In this post, we've covered some major team sports like football, baseball, basketball, and soccer as well as some of the individual sports like golf, tennis, and bowling. But the creativity doesn't need to stop there, have fun decorating cupcakes for any sports, it just takes a little time and thought.

Sports Cupcake Instructions from Wilton

Follow these instructions to create soccer, basketball, and baseball themed cupcakes.

Baking a Football Cup-Cake

Score a touchdown with your guests by constructing a football shaped cake from 24 different cupcakes (the extras sit to the side) that you arrange on a platter and then frost the cupcakes with a pastry bag.

The video below gives great step-by-step instructions. If you don't have time to bake a cake, opt for a football shaped cookie basket instead. They're still fun and festive.

Football Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake

Football Cupcake Idea

Football Cupcake Idea

These adorable Gridiron Hero Cupcakes from are easy to decorate. Simply visit their site and follow the step by step instructions to obtain the design shown to the right.

The great thing is that you can bake up a batch of your favorite cupcake flavor, ice them with flesh colored icing, and then spruce them up through simple piping with a star shaped tip for the helmet and then a pipe tip for the eyes, mouth and nose.

Aren't they just adorable!?


Baseball Cupcakes

These fun Winning Every Inning Cupcakes from consist of regular sized cupcakes to create the baseball caps along with mini cupcakes that are perfectly sized for creating baseballs.

Again visit Wilton's site to get the step-by-step instructions. You simply bake up a batch of your favorite standard and mini sized cupcakes from a boxed mix. Then frost the mini cupcakes with white icing and pipe on the red baseball stitching! You can even incorporate your town or school colors to make these even more personalized for your guest of honor.

For the caps, you create the red brim from colored fondant and then ice and pipe the top of the cupcakes with blue to create the rest of the hat. Perfect for a Little Slugger party!


Sports Cupcake Inspiration!

Image from Dessert Lover 2010 at Flickr

Soccer Cupcake Idea

With the World Cup Tournament being popular each summer, the soccer themed party has been very popular during these times. If you're looking for some great ideas for desserts, look no further than these soccer themed cupcakes.

These Soccer Team Cupcake Treats from are a breeze to make. Just bake and cool your favorite cupcake flavor utilizing the standard Wilton soccer themed baking cups.

Then use green icing to create a grass playing field on top the cupcake. Sprinkle on some colorful nonpareils and place a sugar-shaped soccer ball in the grass.


Basketball Cupcake Idea

Score a slam dunk with these adorable Basketball Cupcakes from

To create these delicious treats, you must bake your cupcakes in a king sized muffin tin without cupcake liners. The basketballs are actually iced gourmet cookies on lollipop sticks (like a cookie bouquet) so you can either buy them at a local grocer or online OR make them yourself following the instructions at Wilton.

The cupcakes are decorated to look like basketball hoops and then the lollipop stemmed cookie is stuck into the center of the cupcake for a fun presentation.


Sports Party Supplies

If you are looking for a centerpiece idea, check out Birthday Cookie Bouquets which features cut-out cookies shaped like basketballs, tennis balls, baseballs, footballs and more. They can do double duty as dessert for your event too! Any of these will be great gifts for sports lovers.  Check out all these fun birthday bouquets we offer.....

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Sports Themed Cupcake Video

Betty Crocker Kitchens shows viewers how to make tennis, soccer, basketball, and baseball cupcakes to display either in a cupcake tree or on a "turf" created from green colored coconut. You just bake your favorite flavor of cupcakes and make colored icing to make each particular ball. They show you how to make pastry cones out of cellophane for the stitching and ball lines if you don't have a pastry bag.

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