Send a Smile in Every Bite with a Cookie Bouquet

Smile Cookie Bouquet

A cookie bouquet is such a welcome surprise. Every day is the right day to send a cookie bouquet. Send one for a graduation, birthday, get well, congratulations, anniversary, housewarming, baby’s arrival, or just because.
The finest cookie bouquets look like real flowers. Only they are decorated cookies. Usually they are sugar cookies cut out in flower shapes and decorated with brightly colored icing so amazingly done that you would swear they are real flowers. You can choose from sunflowers, tulips, roses, or more. Most companies offer standard cookie bouquets that are personalized to the occasion. So it’s not hard to find one you like. You’ll just have a hard time narrowing down your choices since they’re all so pretty.
You can order from many companies online or you can make your own cookie bouquet. It’s really simple. All you need is a good sugar cookie recipe, frosting like royal icing that will harden and is still edible, and long lollipop sticks from the craft store. Consider placing your cookie bouquet in a pretty vase that is also part of the gift. You can choose a vase that is clear with pretty stones at

the bottom or fill it with colored faux gemstones from the craft store in bright colors. The weight of the added embellishments will help keep the cookies from tipping over.
When buying a cookie basket online, consider the price. You’ll want to shop around as cookies can be really expensive when done up in this elegant fashion. Be sure you know what you are getting. You may see a lush bouquet of flower cookies in the picture and come to find out that it’s only a placeholder photo and that the bouquet you ordered is really half the size. It’s happened to everyone. So be sure to ask when ordering online.
Find out what the cookies are made from so you really can keep a smile on your recipient’s face. You don’t want to gift them with a food they are allergic to. Ask how often the cookies are baked. You don’t want to send over stale cookies. If they’re not baked daily, consider going someplace else. Is each cookie wrapped individually for freshness? They should be so they’ll last longer.
Find out about personalization. Can you write a special message on your cookie? Usually the center cookie in the bouquet is reserved for that purpose. Be sure you give the correct spelling of the person’s name and write what you want to say. Best not to let the cookie company decide for you or you may get something you didn’t expect. There’s usually a space at the checkout where you can write a message that the company will use as is.
Enjoy choosing your cookie basket, but don’t get soaked by shipping. Once you find the ideal basket, you may find that to get it there will be another $20 or more. Check before you start browsing so you’re not disappointed. And also check to see that they deliver in your area. Ask for the delivery time. Is it guaranteed overnight? Do you have to pay extra to get it there by a certain date?

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