Regular vs Double Stuffed Oreos - Which is Better?

Oreos regular vs double stuffed
Delicious Oreos

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Let the Battle Begin

Oreo lovers everywhere have been debating whether the original dark sandwich cookie or the newcomer, Double Stuf Oreo, is better. How can such a thing be judged? There are two sides to the cookie debate that must be looked at to form an opinion. But keep in mind, you really can't go wrong with it comes to chocolate cookies with a cream filling. Am I right?

Let's take a closer look.

Purist vs. Modern Appeal

Old vs. New

Oreo aficionados can tell an original Oreo from a Double Stuf at twenty paces. They may scoff at the Double Stuf's showy attitude and consider it too flamboyant for the average cookie eater.

Oreo purists want their original cookie just as Nabisco first made it. They want the right amount of cookie crunch and the right amount of creamy center. Throw off the balance and there's too much cream to scrape off with your teeth once you twirl the Oreo cookies open; So they say.

Oreo - Loved All Over the World

Over-stuffed oreo cookie

Too Much of a Good Thing?


Others in the Double Stuf camp will tell you that too much is never enough. How could anyone mock the double goodness of two creamy centers packed into one?

The cookies remain true to the original Oreo vision. But it's twice the lusciousness when it comes to the gooey center.

Sure, Oreo cream has the consistency of Crisco and sure it probably has a hard time breaking down in your body, but so what? With a taste this good, more is more.

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Comparing Calories

Move That Bus!

Now, the marketers of Oreo Double Stuf cookies have done a little something the consumer might not be aware of. One serving of original Oreos is 160 calories. One serving of Double Stuf Oreos is 140 calories. How can this be, you ask? The Double Stuff clearly has double the center stuff. That's where marketers have gotten savvy.

A serving of the original Oreo is 34 grams. But a serving of the Double Stuff is only 29 grams. So you think you're eating the same amount per serving, but you're really not comparing apples to apples.

Oreo History

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Trendy Treats

Never Go Out of Style

Trends tend to come and go, but the Double Stuf as remained on the shelf right alongside the mainstay traditional Oreo. There's got to be a reason people keep buying and loving the Double Stuf cookies.

Perhaps it's the fact that the creamy inside lasts longer and has a nice mouth feel? It's rich and thick and makes for more of a sandwich cookie eating event. They're even popular gifts especially as chocolate covered Oreos - as seen in the photo on the right.

You can bite into a Double Stuf and really feel like you've had a snack...

Double Stuff - Loved Back in Time (1985)

Mint Oreos

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Oreo Adventures

What Do We Have Here?

The Original Oreo is a wonder of design. It is a crisp and creamy sensation. No one could have imagined it could be improved upon. But apparently, other flavors have made it to market and lasted, so there's got to be something worthwhile in the other flavor combinations as well.

Try all the Oreo versions including Double Stuf, mint, peanut butter, inside-out Oreos (called Whoops!), chocolate covered oreos, holiday colors and tastes such as peppermint for Christmas, Golden Oreos, Red Velvet, Pumpkin Spice and even lemon Oreos. Once you've tried all these flavors, you can see how your taste buds react. You may find that you fall in love with the lemon and shun the original or that Double Stuf has your heart.

So Which Is It?

Make a Stand

So that's both ends of the debate. Any way that you eat them and any flavor you fancy, Oreos are the best cookie out there for taste, texture, melt-ability, and the dunking factor. Enjoy a few Oreos and you'll find you're taken right back to your childhood days, where you probably didn't have the option of choose double stuffed or regular. Think about that one!

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