National Cookie Holidays

National Cookie Holidays

Calling all cookie lovers! The cookie has earned its place in America’s heart. There are hundreds of versions of cookie boxes lining the shelves of supermarkets and under the glass freshly baked in bakeries. It’s no wonder that cookies would have worked their way to the minds of those who create national holidays. You may not get a day off from school or work for these cookie-related holidays, but they sure are fun.

National Cookie Month

Did you know that October is National Cookie Month? That’s just one more reason to celebrate the fall! No one’s really sure where the holiday originated, but it has been declared a National Holiday designed to share a love of cookies and baking. The idea is that all month long people will bake and treat others to cookies. This is a great time to get creative and break out the sprinkles and food coloring. Try a new recipe or two. Learn to make Springerle or Spritz cookies or a cookie from a country you’ve never been to. Use your imagination and you can help spread the word about National Cookie Month every October.

National Cookie Cutter Week

Bet you didn’t know that National Cookie Cutter Week falls in the first week of December every year. It was made a holiday back in the 1990's by a woman named Paula Mullins. This Kentucky cookie baker thought it would be fun if she and her fellow members of the Cookie Cutter Collector’s Club had their own special edition cookie cutter each year to use for the holiday every December. The idea behind the holiday? To get people to slow down and think about baking a new form for the holiday cookies. It’s a great time for grandmothers to sit down with grandchildren and moms who are too busy most of the time to take a breather and bake with the kids. It’s a sweet idea. Don’t forget to check out the National Cookie Cutter Collector Club's Museum in Joplin, Missouri.

National Cookie Day

It makes sense that National Cookie Cutter Week falls in line with National Cookie Day which is celebrated on December 4th every year. The origins of this holiday may be a mystery, but it gives people a good excuse to bake up a batch of cookies for their friends. Why not be the office champion this year and show up on December 4th with a few dozen of your best?

National Sugar Cookie Day

Why National Sugar Cookie Day is set in the heat of summer is anyone’s guess. But this tasty holiday falls on July 9th each year. It is a lesser known National Holiday to be sure, but it is the only cookie to have its own special day. So why not celebrate it to the max? If you’d rather be out by the pool than inside baking when July rolls around, why not buy a few rolls of prepared sugar cookie dough at the supermarket? You can find it in the refrigerated section. Roll out the dough and cut with your favorite beach-shaped cookie cutters for a fun pool side snack. There are so many ways to enjoy the humble sugar cookie without ever turning on the oven. You can even buy pre-made sugar cookies from a bakery and decorate them yourself with sprinkles, candies, pretty frosting colors, coconut, chocolate chips and more. Why not have a National Sugar Cookie Day party? Invite the neighborhood kids over to decorate pre-made cookie party favors outside in the sunshine and have a ball. Plus, clean up’s a breeze.

You may not find any cards in the store celebrating any of these whimsical and fun national holidays that focus on cookies. But there’s fun to be had when you take everyone’s favorite dessert and turn it into a whole day of celebration. Treat friends and family to a surprise batch or plan to hold a fundraising bake sale for a good cause on one of these holidays.

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