How to Make Cookie Arrangements

Cookie arrangements are a lovely and delicious idea. What they consist of are cookie pops. They can be sugar or other types of cookies made by you. You simply insert a lollipop stick in each one before you bake it and then you’ll be able to set up a gorgeous arrangement. Cookie arrangements make great gifts for everyone on your list.

First, think about the types of containers you want to give your bouquets in. Coffee mugs or a vase stuffed with oasis floral foam work well. But anything that will support the cookies and allow them to stand up straight is fine, too. You can also arrange your cookies in a flat box like roses. They will make a stunning entrance.

You’ll start by baking your sugar cookies. These are the type of cookies that work best as you can decorate them most beautifully. They are by no means the only cookies you can use and you may even want to include various cookie recipes in your arrangement.

The key is to insert the lollipop stick before baking. Try to do it after the cookies are baked and you risk having a crumbling cookie on your hands. Get the large lolly sticks at your craft store or online. Then you can make a long stemmed bouquet. Or, if you’re planning on using your bouquets for table top favors or displays at a dinner or party, get the smaller sticks and do shorter arrangements.

The whole idea is to make the cookies delicious and lovely. So you’re going to need to think about how you’ll decorate. Buy colorful sanding sugars, icing and a cookie cutter or two that matches the occasion. For Valentine’s Day, you might make heart pops and for Easter you might make egg-shaped cookie pops. It can be reindeer for Christmas or even clovers for St. Patrick’s Day. Get creative, send your dentist cookies shaped like teeth. Now make a list of the colors and shapes you’ll need before setting out to the baking supply or craft store.

Use any recipe you like and then insert the sticks. Simply place a stick in the bottom of each cookie while it is lying flat on the cookie sheet. Don’t try to insert the stick and then move the cookie to the sheet. It will fall apart. Insert the stick part way. You won’t want to have any stick showing out of the top, so just about half way is good.

After the cookies are baked and cooled, decorate them. Then you can start arranging them. Decide if you’ll want to house each individual cookie in a cellophane bag with a ribbon, or just leave it as is as part of the bouquet. If you have to transport or store the cookies, definitely wrap them. But if they’re for an indoor party at your home, there’s no need to wrap them unless they’ll be standing for a few days.

Start arranging the cookies by sticking them into floral foam or Styrofoam placed in the bottom of the container. You can add more or less depending on how full you want your arrangement to be. Then you can decorate the jar or mug any way you like. Paint it or tie ribbon on it. It’s up to you. The more decorative, the better.

Give the bouquet right away before the cookies turn hard and inedible.

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