How to Make a Christmas Cookie Tree Centerpiece

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Christmas cookie trees are so much fun to make. If youve ever seen one as a decoration on a holiday table or displayed as a centerpiece, you know how adorable and festive they can be. Or if you want to bring your neighbor a unique gift instead of those Christmas cookie tins again this year, why not attempt this craft?

You can easily make your own without doing much more than baking and decorating a batch of sugar cookies.

Adjust your baking traditions this year to include this fun craft and you'll have numerous fans of your creativity!

Photo Credit: Cookie Christmas Tree by Trish, on Flickr

Sugar Cookie Recipe

I want to share a recipe for sugar cookies you can use for your trees. Once you have baked them, then you can follow my instructions for making the tree.

It's easy and fun. And it's a great project for kids to help with. The results may not make the cover of Bon Appetit if they help, but they'll remember how fun it was. Just add your own frosting with some green food coloring for the icing.

Sugar Cookie Recipe

Image by Rubbermaid Products on Flickr

Step 1

Here's how you will start this adult or kids cookie craft. You roll out the sugar cookie dough (use your own home made as sugar cookie dough bought from a store will often spread too much when baking).

Then you cut various sized star shapes with cookie cutters. You'll need at least four sizes of cookie cutters to make it work.

If you have even more, such as a set that graduates from large to small in say six or eight different sizes, that's even better.

Rolled Out Cookie Dough

See it Made

Step 2

Once you have the dough rolled out, flour the cookie cutters and cut out stars in various sizes with the cookie cutters. You'll be making more than one tree for your efforts, so try to make an even number of each size.

For instance, if you're going for four finished trees, cut out four of the largest star, then four of the next largest and so on. You can always use the scrap dough by rolling it out again and cutting out more stars in any sizes you want.

You'll need a large stick like the giant sized lollipop sticks that can be purchased in the candy making aisle. That stick will become the center of your tree. You will stack the tree levels on it. Each cookie will be one level to make a tree that looks like an evergreen.

Step 3

When you bake the cookies, take them out of the oven before they are crisp. While they are still hot, spear them onto the stick going from largest cookie to smallest.

You can make them with or without the stick, but it helps to provide support and structure for your tree.

Between each layer, you will need to put a dab of icing so the tree will stick together. Don't worry if the icing spreads a little as it's meant to be used as glue and not for decoration.

Alternatively, you can fully decorate the top of each cookie and even add sprinkles and decorations like shown in the photo.  It just depends on how easy or complicated  you want to make your centerpiece.

Step 4

The rest of the tree you will decorate after it is assembled. Let the whole tree cool and then drizzle green frosting down the sides.

You can then go ahead and add candy dots for ornaments and powdered sugar for snow. That's it!

You can leave these treats out for decorations. But if you intend for people to actually eat the cookies, you'll want to ensure that you wrap the decorated trees so they stay airtight and don't become rock hard.

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