Healthy Party Food Ideas

Healthy Party Food IdeasThere’s nothing quite as fun as throwing a party. The most difficult part, though, is choosing what to serve. Many these days are choosing to include healthier party food fare to serve quests who would prefer options other than high calorie party food. Here are a few choices that can help.

Remember to use reduced fat dressings and dips wherever possible. Choosing hummus, for example, over a sour cream based dip is a good choice. You can also often replace the sour cream or mayo in a dip with fat-free yogurt so you can serve your favorites without the additional calories.

For dessert, you may want to go with an angel food cake instead of many other options. If you serve it with berries or sorbet, people will still love it, and you’ve offered a lower calorie option.

Don’t forget to put any gravy or sauce you’re planning to serve on the side. Remember that gravies often have lots of calories, so keeping it out of the dish unless guests want it can really make it fairly healthy.

If you’re looking for sweet snacks to serve to your guests, don’t choose foods that contain a lot of added sugar. Instead, go with options that are naturally sweet. For example, fresh fruit is always going to be a good choice, but you can come up with many others. Sweet potatoes, for instance, have a natural sweetness about them. Just slice, bake, and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar for a great, easy-to-grab treat.

Nuts are a great way to set a small treat out for your guests. They’re packed with the good fats that your heart loves. While roasted almonds are, perhaps, the healthiest choice, pecans and other nut choices can be a good idea. You want to go with a raw or lightly salted variety, though. If you happen to have time, you could even roast your own nuts with a seasoning creation you invented.

Pretzels and carrot sticks may be the most traditional type of party food, but you do have other options. Go with a fruit and vegetable buffet instead. Sure, you could stick with celery and carrots, but you could also go with other exciting choices like baby corn and snow peas. You could also go with red pepper sticks that guests can dip in black bean and corn relish or fresh salsa.

Baked is always going to be the healthier choice. Sure, your favorite recipe for chicken sticks may mean frying, but try to revise it and offer a baked choice instead.

If you’re going with finger sandwiches, be sure to choose hearty, whole-wheat breads as well as delicious fillings for your guests.

Remember that healthy snacks don’t have to mean boring food ideas. You’re going to be introducing a variety of new foods to your guests, many of which they may not have even encountered in the past, and that’s certain to add to the enjoyment of your next party. With a bit of imagination, you can create a healthy food buffet guests will visit again and again.

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