Halloween Hors d’oeuvres Party Food Ideas

Halloween Hors d’oeuvres Party Food Ideas

Eat Up, Goblins!

Throw an easy Halloween party this year with all finger foods. Hors d'oeuvres work well because you don't have to spend time slaving over a hot stove and guests love foods they can just pick up and eat. You don't have to host a formal four course meal or a sit down dinner or even a Pot Luck to have a spooky good time. Just pass the appetizers and drinks for a festive seasonal bash. Here are some tasty Halloween treats to serve up this year!

Fondue in a Pumpkin

Hollow out a large pumpkin and then pour in a hot fondue of cheese or chocolate. Arrange fondue forks and dipping foods like strawberries, banana bread, and French bread chunks on a platter next to it. Guests will have fun dipping into the pumpkin and pulling out a gooey treat. Be sure to make extra so you don't run out!


Olives can look a lot like eyeballs. Especially the ones that are filled with pimentos. If you want to stuff your own jumbo olives, use green olives and caviar or black olives and cream cheese. Once you arrange them all on a platter, they'll look like a scary tray full of gazing eyes. You can also get the desired eyeball effect using deviled eggs and olives slices or iced cookies to look like eyeballs.

Halloween Hors d’oeuvres Party Food Ideas

Ghastly Mashed Potatoes

For this festive food, make up a stiff batch of mashed potatoes from a mix. Add a little less water than is called for. Then, form the potatoes into ghostlike shapes. Stand them up on a dish. Add capers for eyes. They will look so fantastic on display your guests may be afraid to eat them!

Mummy Franks

This adorable idea is so easy to do. Instead of offering pigs in a blanket, offer mummies on a frank. Take prepackaged biscuit dough. Cut it into strips. Wrap around full sized hot dogs. Leave a space for the mummy's face. You can add on eyes with peppercorns or capers. Bake them according to the biscuit recipe. They're so cute lying all on a tray. Almost too cute to eat, but they'll disappear in no time.

Halloween Hors d’oeuvres Party Food Ideas

Fruit & Veggie Skeleton

You can create a skeleton out of raw fruit and vegetables. Use snap peas or string beans for the ribs, cauliflower for the brain, olives for the eyes, etc. Get creative. You can also put a red dip in a little cup where the heart should be. Think gory and have fun with it.  The fun skeleton shown below was found on Flickr.

Halloween Veggie Skeleton

Fruity Punch

Along with the ghastly and silly appetizers, you can also go classy. Offer up a sweet apple punch that's made with cider and spices. Float in some orange and apple slices. Offer fall theme cups or carved out gourds or pumpkins to drink out of. The extra work will be worth the effort.

You can make the punch bowl the center of attention. Float an ice ring that has plastic spiders frozen into it or make it look like a witch's cauldron by putting dry ice on the table behind it. Never put dry ice in foods or drinks as it can actually burn you it's so cold. Ghoulish.

Final Halloween Decor

The lighting, the decorations and the trays you serve the food on will all add to the ambiance. Have votive candles (flameless versions are great!) all around and drape the party area in cobwebs and black fabric. Play spooky soundtracks and set out decorated cookies. From the moment guests walk in, set the mood that it's going to be a night of a thousand spine-tingling surprises.

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