Corporate Cookie Gift Ideas

Corporate Logo Cookies

Break the Mold of Boring Gifts

You are going to a trade show or conference. What will you get? Maybe another mouse pad with corporate logo? You haven't used a mouse pad in five years. Maybe you'll get a calendar? But you use a digitized one. Perhaps a pen? That's ok. At least you'll use it.

We all know how impersonal, and downright boring, corporate business gifts can be. For your next event, tradeshow, meeting, conference, meet-and-greet, holiday, or special occasion, try something different. Cookies. It is genius! They're sweet; they're small; they can be customized with your business's logo and name; and, unlike a mouse pad or a calendar, they'll get used. Here are some corporate cookie gift ideas to consider.

Corporate Oreo TinCorporate Logo Cookies

You can find services that recreate your logo onto cookies. These are picture-perfect representations - and delicious ones at that. Typically, all you have to do is upload a photo of your logo to the service. They create a mockup of what it will look like on the cookie and send it via email for your approval. If you want to see what it looks like in situ, you can order a few samples. Some services do this for free, so be sure to check.

Sugar cookies are a popular "canvas" for corporate logo cookies, but, today, you can find a wide variety from which to choose, including chocolate chip, M&M, oatmeal raisin, and more. Usually, these have a layer of frosting which holds a fondant circle containing your logo onto the face of the cookie. You can also find other goodies, such as customized cupcake gifts, marshmallows, chocolates, pretzels, graham crackers, biscotti, and covered apples.

Large Custom Fortune CookieThese cookies are ideal for sales meetings, conferences, staff/faculty meetings, trade shows, exhibits, parties, and other events. Your business will always have a favorable association with customers, clients, associates, and employees. For parties, arrange them on trays; other times, provide a customize treat bag or tin so the cookie can be enjoyed later.


Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are a great way to invite clients and employees to share in the fortune and bounty of a successful company.

It can be used to celebrate a good quarter, a rise in sales, completion of an important project, etc.

These personalized fortune cookies can be decorated with your logo and placed in customized "takeout" boxes. It's a different spin on your logo cookies, and very unique at that! Your customers will love them.


Logo BiscottiBiscotti Cookies

If you are not familiar with biscotti, here's a little brief. They were named because they are essentially twice-baked, which in Latin is 'biscoctus'. Intrigued? There's more.

These tasty treats can be dipped in chocolate and then customized with your logo for a very unique business gift. These can be presented as favors or served at meetings and gatherings. They are a perfect accompaniment for coffee, so they make a great staff treat as well.

Pair your logo biscotti cookies with a company traveling mug and a bag of Starbucks coffee for a nice little holiday gift basket. Hand them out to employees, customers, or as trade show samples - the options are endless and they'll be thoroughly enjoyed.


Custom Cookie Tins

What's better than a cookie? A bunch of cookies! You can have customized cookie tins made, showing off your business's name and/or logo and fill them with delicious cookies. There are services that will do both for you; you can even make sure the cookies inside are also emblazoned with your logo.

These are a little more pricy than having corporate cookies made because of the customization of the tin, so they make perfect gifts for clients, associates, employees, or valued customers on special occasions.


Make Your Own

A gift-in-a-jar is always a nice choice for holidays and to use as giveaways. The Mason Jar, for instance, allows you to choose your cookie variety and add-ins, plus it is plenty big to hold a good quantity of ingredients.

You can then create a custom jar lid and tag with a personal note. You can also add other customizations and embellishments to jazz it up. The jars make for beautiful gifts, and the cookies are easy to make, convenient to have, and even easier to eat.

Corporate Cookie Cutter

Why not add a custom cookie cutter to your gift-in-a-jar or even on its own? You can find services that turn your logo into a cookie cutter that you can use as gifts or giveaways. If it is a fun design, you can be sure that your logo will make it onto cookies time and time again.

Corporate logo cookie gifts are an excellent way to reach everyone from potential customers to retiring employees. You can be sure they will be appreciated.

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