Cookie Monster Craft Ideas

cookie-monsterC is for cookie! If you have a little one in your life who loves the famed Cookie Monster or you’re just looking for some great craft ideas for a preschool class, Cookie Monster is certainly the name of the game. There are lots of different choices, too, from the edible to the adorable.

Yummy and Cute

Looking for something delicious and cute at the same time? Try some Cookie Monster cupcakes. They’re certain to be a hit with anyone. Almost any cupcake flavor will do. Simply frost the top with fluffy blue icing. Attach white button candy for the eyes with a chocolate chip in the middle. Then stuff a small chocolate chip cookie right where the mouth should go.

Want to make things a bit more difficult? How about a cookie Cookie Monster? Simply grab two sugar cookies. Squirt icing between the two. Decorate the top with blue icing. Then pipe two white icing eyeballs in the middle of the top design cookies. Be sure to dot them with a chocolate chip. When they're all set, put them into a cookie tin and present them to the cookie-lover in your life!

Cute Craft Ideas

You don’t have to make something edible to honor this great character. Instead, you and your little one could make Cookie Monster from a paper plate, some markers, and some blue paint. Just paint the plate blue, leaving two white circles near the top for eyes. Once dry, get a black marker and color a dot in the middle of the eyes and a giant mouth.

A pom pom Cookie Monster is another great one you can do with kids. It’s perfect for attaching to gifts as well. You’ll need a blue pom pom, googly eyes, and some black felt. Cut out a small half circle from the black felt for a smile. Attach it and the googly eyes to the pom pom. It can work on the top of a gift or even as a pencil topper.

A Cookie Monster hat is a bit more complicated, but perfect for the little fan in your life. Just pick up a blue hat at your local craft store. Start by creating a pattern for the mouth. Put it on the actual bill of the hat and trace lightly around it. Using black paint, fill in the mouth. Then use a round sponge filled with white paint to do the eyes. Allow it to dry, then dab in the black. Be sure it dries completely before wearing.

Want to make something really special? Do a Cookie Monster hooded towel. You’ll need a blue bath towel and a hand towel in the same color. Cut the hand towel in half horizontally. Fold in the finished edge and sew it in place. Take some black and white fabric. Cut eyes, eyeballs, and mouths. Cut heat and bond tape in the same shape. Iron it on the back of the pieces, then on the hand towel. Sew them in place. Fold the hand towel in place so the face is on the inside, and make a zig zag stitch up the back. Lay it flat, and sew across the top of the triangle. Snip it off, then sew the hood to the towel.

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