Vegan Cookie Recipes That Even Non-Vegans Will Love!

The number of people practicing a vegan lifestyle has grown quite a lot over the last few years, especially as people have become more and more conscious about their diets and where their food is coming from. But just because this diet doesn’t allow for milk, eggs, and other dairy products, it doesn’t mean delicious baked goods have to be sworn off forever.  In fact, there are lots of substitutes available for these animal-derived ingredients, allowing vegans to enjoy the same (dairy-free) tasty treats as their non-vegan friends. The best part? There’s no sacrifice in flavor, and the end result

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Lunch is easily one of the most important meals your child will eat each day. Research has continually shown that the right meal spells kids performing better in school and remaining alert throughout the day. If you’re not there to monitor what she eats, though, how will you know if she’s getting the right foods? Packing a healthier school lunch is a good start. These ideas can help. Think about the drink. Many parents include fruit drinks and sodas in a kid’s lunch because they simply don’t think twice about what to add in there. If you go with low

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