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How to Collect Vintage Cookie Jars

Vintage Cookie Jar Collection

**This post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links When something old becomes something new. It usually starts with a hand-me-down. Someone passes a cookie jar down to you and suddenly you're hooked. You may fall in love with the shape, size and colors or the charm of yesteryear that it brings. No matter what the reason you love cookie jars, you'll have a great time collecting them now and into the future. If you know someone who collects cookies jars and you find one they've been looking

How to Make your own Cookie Cutters

Copper Cookie Cutters

The possibilities are endless. If you are a cookie cutter lover, chances are you've toyed around with the idea of making your own cutters. It's not actually as hard as it might seem at first. And it's really fun because you can design cutters in shapes that you might not otherwise find and have your very own custom design cookies! Below is a beginner's guide to cookie cutter making. Where to Start Start off with a trip to the hardware store. You're going to need a few things that can only be found there. Ask the clerk for aluminum or

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