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5 Artful Ways to Package Cookies as Gifts

Christmas Cookie Boxes

Get Creative! There's no denying that cookies make an excellent gift for everyone on your list. A homemade batch of chewy or crunchy cookies can be a delight. But if you just slap together a paper plate with some cellophane on top, your gift is not going to look as elegant as you had hoped. What you package your cookies in can make the difference between a so-so gift and a gift that really wows your recipient. And don't we all want to have that extra-special presentation with our gifts? Below are five ways you can package cookies to elevate

How to Make a Christmas Cookie Tree Centerpiece

Christmas Cookie Tree

Yummy Centerpieces Christmas cookie trees are so much fun to make. If youve ever seen one as a decoration on a holiday table or displayed as a centerpiece, you know how adorable and festive they can be. Or if you want to bring your neighbor a unique gift instead of those Christmas cookie tins again this year, why not attempt this craft? You can easily make your own without doing much more than baking and decorating a batch of sugar cookies. Adjust your baking traditions this year to include this fun craft and you'll have numerous fans of your creativity!

5 Different Ways to Decorate Cut Out Cookies

Cookie Decorating Tips

Decorated Cookies for any Occasion It's so much fun to decorate cookies! If you love to mix, roll, and bake, then you'll have a great time decorating cut out cookies. Bring the kids in and make a party of it! There's no wrong way to decorate cookies. Just be sure to follow the recipes and try not to substitute any of the ingredients. After all, cookie baking is a science and you want your cookies and your icing to come out perfect so your cookies will look like works of art. Royal Icing Use Royal Icing to decorate cookies once

Bake Cookies Day is on December 18th

Christmas Cookie Tins

'Tis The Season For Cookies 'tis the holiday season and you know what that means! Lots of gift buying, lots of scrambling to get to ten different places at the same time, and more importantly; lots of cookie baking! Did you know that there is actually a holiday set aside for this seasonal tradition? It's true. December 18th is the special day, dedicated for baking cookies. This day is very accurately named, Bake Cookies Day! Whether you're planning on making traditional chocolate chip cookies, decorated cookies, or even a giant cookie cake, this is the time to do it!   History

Easy Christmas Cookies - 1 Dough Made 5 Ways!

Christmas Cookie Recipes

Christmas Cookies Made Easy! The five Christmas cookies shown in this lens all start with the same basic sugar cookie dough. So whether you are hosting a holiday party, going to a neighborhood cookie swap, or just want some goodies for your family to enjoy during the Christmas season, you'll be able to whip up 5 different and delicious cookies using one easy and simple recipe. I found this unique and delicious combination of cookies in my December 2009 issue of Midwest Living. It is one of my favorite magazines for recipe ideas and baking inspiration. I hope you enjoy these

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