5 Different Ways to Decorate Cut Out Cookies

Cookie Decorating Tips

Decorated Cookies for any Occasion It's so much fun to decorate cookies! If you love to mix, roll, and bake, then you'll have a great time decorating cut out cookies. Bring the kids in and make a party of it! There's no wrong way to decorate cookies. Just be sure to follow the recipes and try not to substitute any of the ingredients. After all, cookie baking is a science and you want your cookies and your icing to come out perfect so your cookies will look like works of art. Royal Icing Use Royal Icing to decorate cookies once

Cookie Icing - Creamy vs Hard

how to make royal icing

Dipping into Icing Hard or soft icing? That is the question bakers often struggle with. There are uses for both, so don't feel like you have to exclusively use one over the other. The softer frostings, like cream cheese icing, are perfect for icing cookies that you don't need to transport or that you're not going to decorate heavily. They will hold coconut, sprinkles, and other goodies that you want to drizzle on. Hard Icing Royal Icing Hard, or Royal icing, is mostly for gourmet cookies that you want to decorate with more elaborate designs. It will hold its shape,

A Sweet Favor – Cookies!

cookie favors

Add Delicious-ness to the Party If you're throwing a bridal or baby shower, you'll want to include memorable favors for your guests to take home. Some people even choose to give favors at children's or adults' birthday parties, too. No matter the reason for your celebration, one good idea is to give a favor that the guests will really enjoy. How about something scrumptious like cookie favors? Image by hindsightbride on Flickr Introduction to Cookies Baking in Style Cookies can come in every shape, size, color, and type imaginable. Today's gourmet cookies are wonderful treats all by themselves, without too many frills needed! You

How To Make Royal Icing for Cookie Decorating

how to make royal icing for cookie decorating

What is Royal Icing? Royal icing is one of the most universal and widely used icing in baking. You can decorate cookies, gingerbread houses, and more with the white confection. It dries hard and sturdy, but yet it's still edible. It's very easy to make and a fun medium to work with when making decorated sugar cookies. Recipe Getting Started Here is a recipe for royal icing from the Wilton Baking site, www.wilton.com. The company is a leader in baking equipment and supplies and specializes in helping home bakers decorate their cakes and gourmet desserts to get professional looking results.

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