5 Artful Ways to Package Cookies as Gifts

Christmas Cookie Boxes

Get Creative!

There's no denying that cookies make an excellent gift for everyone on your list. A homemade batch of chewy or crunchy cookies can be a delight. But if you just slap together a paper plate with some cellophane on top, your gift is not going to look as elegant as you had hoped.

What you package your cookies in can make the difference between a so-so gift and a gift that really wows your recipient. And don't we all want to have that extra-special presentation with our gifts?

Below are five ways you can package cookies to elevate them to gourmet gift status.

1. Take Out Containers

No, you're not going to reuse last night's Chinese containers. But you can buy brand new takeout containers shaped to look like the famous Chinese food cartons at the store.

Craft stores carry a number of them. They come in white, of course, but also acetate (that's see-through) and decorated with polka dots or other designs.

You can also find them in natural paper that looks recycled for a "green" feel. You don't even have to add anything else to make this a fabulous gift. You can find these quirky and fun chocolate dipped fortune cookies on our site.



2. "Paint" Pails

Don't even think about going into the garage and washing out a paint pail. Go to the craft store instead. In the storage or jewelry-making aisle, you should find some plastic, clear paint cans. They are made to hold foods or crafting items so that you can see what's in them.

They also come in solid galvanized tin so that you can leave the contents to the imagination. Send your friends and family a fun Smiley Face Cookie Pail to brighten their day!



3. Elegant Tins

Many times you'll find a cookie tin when you're out at a flea market or garage sale that's so pretty you can't leave it behind. The tins that cookies and other tasty things used to come in are highly decorative and collectible.

Next time you find one for a dime or a quarter, buy it and save it for your next cookie gift. Wash it with soap and warm water and then allow it to dry fully before adding cookies to it.  Be sure to line the bottom with a piece of wax paper and then put another piece on top of the cookies as well.



4. Decorative Baskets

You can find cheap baskets in your travels that are so pretty, you just can't wait to think up a use for them. Cookies are the perfect filler!

Make sure the basket is perfectly clean and free from any dust or debris. Then add a linen napkin or a pretty piece of cloth. Layer in your cookies and add on a pretty bow and you're all set!


5. On a Tiered Cake Stand

If you really want to make your recipient smile, find a tiered cake stand at a thrift store. These used to be used by every homemaker as she entertained. They hold tea cakes, cupcakes, or finger sandwiches. But they can also hold your cookie gift. Wash your tray and then dry it completely. Start adding cookies to every level in layers.

Depending on the cookie type, they may slide around a bit, so you may want to wrap the whole thing in pretty clear basket wrapping and tie on top with a bow. You don't want your cookies falling off on the way to your friend's front door. Let her keep the stand, of course, as part of the gift. Look for unique tiered cake stands in glass and silver plate.

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