eating oreo cookies

Five Fun Ways to Eat an Oreo Cookie

photo credit: trekkyandy via photopin cc Is there any cookie as divine as the Oreo? This little sandwich cookie has stolen the nation’s heart. With just two crispy wafer cookies and a creamy middle, this cookie couldn’t be simpler. But its genius is in its lack of ornamentation. It’s wholesome deliciousness comes from ingredients that are basic and yet amazingly yummy. So, how do you eat an Oreo cookie? This debate has raged on for some time. Is there any one right way to eat an Oreo? Here are some of the ways Oreo lovers eat their Oreos. Try them all and see what you think. 1) The Scrape This method involves taking the cookie apart very carefully. You twist the top half off the Oreo while holding the bottom wafer steady with the other hand. Once the cookie is open, you bring the half with the cream to your mouth. Using your top or bottom teeth, scrape the filling off the Read more