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Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

Even if you’re trying to go sugar free these days, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a treat now and then. A favorite quick treat for many is chocolate chip cookies. There are lots of great sugar free options for this wonderful treat. Here are a few sugar free cookie recipes you might enjoy. Chocolate Chip Cookies with Splenda 2 ¼ cups unbleached flour 1 tsp baking soda ½ tsp salt 1 cup shortening with butter flavoring ¼ cup Splenda for baking ½ cup Splenda brown sugar for baking 1 ½ tsp vanilla 2 eggs 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate baking chips Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Cream the shortening, both Splendas, and vanilla until well mixed. Add the eggs, then the flour until well blended. Gently stir in the chocolate chips. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto ungreased baking sheets. Press to flatten the dough, then bake for ten minutes. Cool on wire rack. Read more

Healthy Cookie Recipes

Even if you’re working hard to get your body in better shape than ever before, there are always going to be those days when you just need a simple cookie to make it all better. What’s more, though, is that the little ones in your life are certain to appreciate a good cookie now and then, even if you want it to be a bit healthier. Luckily, there are a number of fairly healthy cookie recipes out there. Here are just a few to consider. Molasses Cookies: For this one, you’ll need 2 tablespoons of ground flax, an egg white, a banana, a cup of whole wheat flour, a cup of oats, ½ cup of molasses, 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of ground ginger, and a teaspoon of baking soda. Start by preheating your oven to 350. Combine your flax and egg white. Set it aside, and mash a banana in a different bowl. Add the flour and oats, then mix it well. Add your flax/egg white mixture as well as Read more

Fastest Types of Cookies to Bake

That bake sale hit you faster than you expected, didn’t it? If you need a recipe that’s as quick as it is easy, here are a few of the most popular. Don’t worry – they’re delicious too! Quick Chocolate Chip Cookies – From Betty Crocker These are a fast way to your favorite. To get started, you’ll need a half cup of softened butter, ¾ cup of brown sugar, ¼ cup of sugar, 2 teaspoons of vanilla, an egg, 2 ¾ cups of Bisquick baking mix, and a cup of semisweet chocolate chips. Heat your oven to 375 degrees. Cream butter, sugar, vanilla and egg. Add the Bisquick and chocolate chips. Drop by teaspoonful onto a cookie sheet. Bake for eight minutes! Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Waffle Cookies – From Fine Cooking It takes some time to make cookies in your oven. In your waffle iron, though, you could have hot cookies in a flash. They look adorable too. You’ll need ½ cup of Read more

Dogs Love Cookies Too! Dog Cookie Recipes

Making cookies for you and your family members is a great idea, but sooner or later, you may want to bake a box of cookies for someone else. Have you ever thought about making a few for Fido? Here are some recipes that can help. Best of Breed Dog Biscuits (from King Arthur Flour) Ready to give your pups an amazing treat that’s as easy to make as it is tasty? Try this! You’ll need two cups of whole wheat flour, a cup of rolled oats, a tablespoon of dried parsley, one half cup of powdered milk and one half teaspoon of salt. Stir all of those ingredients together, then add in two eggs and a cup of peanut butter. Stir again to form a crumbly mixture and add in one half cup of cold water to create a cohesive dough. Drop in walnut sized balls onto parchment paper and flatten slightly. Bake for 40 minutes at 300 degrees. Nutty Bacon Dog Treats (from Dog Hill Kitchen) There are few Read more

Fancy Types of Cookies that Impress

When you’re cooking to impress, the Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe probably isn’t high on your list of cookies to bake. Instead, you need something with a bit more elegance those kid-friendly choices just can’t offer. Here are a few choices that will prove irresistible. Chocolate Sambuca Crinkles - This cookie takes about three hours from start to finish. With the Sambuca additive, you get an anise flavor adults will love at almost any dinner party. To get started, you’ll need 1 ¼ cups of flour, 1 tbsp. of baking powder, ½ tsp. of salt, 12 ounces of bittersweet chocolate, ½ stick of butter, 2 large eggs, ½ cup of walnuts, ½ cup of Sambuca, 2 tbsp. of granulated sugar, and 1 cup of confectioners sugar. Melt your chocolate in a double boiler until it’s smooth. In one bowl, add eggs, walnuts, Sambuca, and sugar. In another, add flour, baking powder, and salt. Stir Read more