Making Tasty Skillet Cookies

Fast, Easy & Yummy Cookies Skillet cookies are interesting to make if you've never tried them, and once you get the hang of them, they're really easy. You'll make them over and over again. They call for simple ingredients and no oven! Just a stovetop will do. Fun fact: the reason these cookies are called skillet cookies is because they are baked on skillet or griddle much like a pancake! Getting Started Grab Your Skillet! There's also another version of the skillet cookie that is boiled in a pot on the stove and then dropped into cookie form. Both are considered old time skillet cookies. You can also fry them in oil as one of the recipes below does! Try out these recipes and different methods and see what a delicious, gourmet cookie you can make on top of the stove! Prep time: 10 min Cook time: 20 min Ready in: 30 min Yields: 12 Ingredients 2 eggs Read more

Regular vs Double Stuffed Oreos - Which is Better?

Let the Battle Begin Oreo lovers everywhere have been debating whether the original dark sandwich cookie or the newcomer, Double Stuf Oreo, is better. How can such a thing be judged? There are two sides to the cookie debate that must be looked at to form an opinion. But keep in mind, you really can't go wrong with it comes to chocolate cookies with a cream filling. Am I right? Let's take a closer look. Purist vs. Modern Appeal Old vs. New Oreo aficionados can tell an original Oreo from a Double Stuf at twenty paces. They may scoff at the Double Stuf's showy attitude and consider it too flamboyant for the average cookie eater. Oreo purists want their original cookie just as Nabisco first made it. They want the right amount of cookie crunch and the right amount of creamy center. Throw off the balance and there's too much cream to scrape off with your Read more

How to Collect Copper Cookie Cutters

Starting a Copper Collection Love the memories that homemade sugar cookies bring back? Remember Grandma's set of copper cookie cutters? Always wanted to start a collection of useful kitchen items? Why not start collecting copper cookie cutters? When starting any collection, think about what pleases you. Only buy what you like, not what you think might be worth something. If you like it, you're going to be happy displaying, using, and living with it. Do You Want New or Used? Now's the Time to Decide Decide if you want to start collecting vintage or new copper cookie cutters. Maybe you have fond memories of making Christmas cookies shaped as Christmas trees with your mom and now you'd like to collect those! You will certainly have an easier time finding new copper cookie cutters. But you may prefer the charm of vintage cutters. It's your choice. You might Read more

How To Make A Cookie Basket

Cookies are one of the most popular dessert and snack items in the country and around the world. Their appeal is largely due, of course, to their delicious taste and enticing smell. But their versatility also wins them points with billions of cookie lovers. Not only are the variations and recipes endless, they can also be decorated with icing, candies, nuts, and other treats. Perfect for virtually every occasion, the cookie also makes an exceptional, and almost universally welcomed, gift. When you are at a loss for your next gift, make a cookie basket - and make your recipient very happy. Choosing a Basket Go with a theme Before you even think about the cookies, think about the basket itself. Today, you can find an unlimited array of baskets and other containers that will be perfect for you. Choose your container not only based on size and price, Read more

Birthday Cookie Gift Ideas

Getting Started There is no age limit on our enjoyment of cookies. They are one of our favorite snacks, and this tends to be true whether we are three or seventy. If you have a special birthday coming up, what better way to celebrate than with fresh baked cookies? Whether for parties, gifts, or just a great treat for the birthday boy or girl, these terrific birthday cookie gift ideas will be a big hit. Cookie Cake Why not ditch the traditional cake and opt for a cookie cake? It will be just as delicious - or more so! You can make any variety you like, and best of all, you can decorate and customize the cookie to ensure it'll be extra-special. Try the following recipe for chocolate chip cake from and start the delicious desserts. Prep time: 10 min Cook time: 20 min Ready in: 30 min Yields: 12 Ingredients ½ Read more