Christmas Cookie Baking 101

Ensuring Delicious Cookies at Christmas Baking Christmas cookies is one of the many joys of the holiday season. If you're new to the baking scene and need some pointers, you'll happily and deliciously find the basics here. Baking cookies can be a fun and rewarding time to spend with children and family. And the result will be tasty cookies you can share with neighbors and friends! You can't lose in the name of Christmas cookies. Required Dry Ingredients - Stock Up The Pantry Every baker needs a pantry full of the basic baking ingredients. Some items are staples for just about all cookies. Here are some pantry basics that you'll want to keep on hand: Flour Sugar Brown sugar Baking soda Baking powder Cinnamon Chocolate chips Ginger Confectioner's Sugar Sweetened Condensed Milk Evaporated Milk Semi-sweet Baking Chocolate Shortening Non-stick Read more

Mom's 10 Best Christmas Cookies

Growing up in my household meant that as soon as Thanksgiving Day hit, so did the holiday baking frenzy. The Friday through Sunday after Thanksgiving was a baking marathon. Several of my Aunts and cousins would come over to create 1000's of Christmas cookies. My cousins, brothers & sisters, and I were the cookie decorators and instructions were given more like orders in what I affectionately call 'cookie baking boot-camp'. From sun-up to sun-down, we mixed, baked, and decorated cookies. If we didn't complete all the required baking by the end of the weekend, sure enough, they would all come back the following weekend and even the one after that, until the baking was all done. Then the cookies were evenly split amongst the Aunts so that all of the families went home with loads of giant Tupperware containers full of cookies. Of course, this is all practical when you live in Minnesota and Read more

Christmas Reindeer Cookie Recipes

Every year it seems we scour the web looking for fun and creative Christmas holiday cookies to make with our families. Last year, we came across several fun reindeer cookie recipes that the kids LOVED! They were easy to make and so adorable. In this article, we'll share those two recipes plus a few more that we found this year. We are looking forward to letting Rudolph's nose shine bright on the treat plate that we leave out for Santa this year. And we've found some great recipes for "reindeer food" so the kids can feel like they are feeding Santa's reindeer too. Enjoy and Merry Christmas! 1. Easy Reindeer Cookies Ingredients: 1 roll (16.5 oz) Pillsbury® refrigerated gingerbread or peanut butter cookies 64 small pretzel twists or chocolate-covered pretzels 64 semisweet chocolate chips (about 1/4 cup) 16 candied cherries, cut in half or red M&M Read more

Chocolate Mint Brownie Pops

If you want to experience a little bite of heaven, then don't delay in whipping up a batch of these decadently delicious chocolate mint gourmet brownie bites! Yes, you'll have to spend over an hour making these beauties, but it will be love at first bite. Brownie pops make excellent holiday party favors, fun alternatives to cookies on a stick, and excellent accompaniments to steaming cups of hot cocoa on a cold winter day. My advice - make a triple or quadruple batch to ensure you have enough for the entire holiday season! Step-By-Step Brownie Pop Making Video Step 1: Make The Pan of Mint Brownies Ingredients: 1/2 cup butter 2 (1 oz) squares of unsweetened chocolate 1 (10 oz) package of Andes Creme de Menthe Baking Chips 1 cup sugar 2 large eggs, lightly beaten 1 tsp. vanilla extract 3/4 cup all purpose flour 1/4 tsp. salt Directions: Preheat Read more

How to Make Your Chocolate Chip Cookies Crispy

When it comes to cookie preferences, there are two main groups of people: those who like their cookies soft and chewy, and those who prefer a thin, crispy cookie. If you’re part of the second group, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your chocolate chip cookies come out perfectly crispy every time. Baking Temperature One of the most basic elements to getting your cookies exactly how you want them is to bake them at the proper temperature. If your recipe calls for 375 degrees, you need to be baking at 375 degrees. Unfortunately, ovens aren’t always precisely accurate, so it may be wise to invest in an oven thermometer to see what the actual temperature inside your oven is. Once you know this, you can adjust your temperature setting accordingly, which will help ensure you wind up with a crispy - and not burnt - cookie. Choose Your Recipe Wisely Another factor Read more