Have a Fun Neighborhood Cookie Exchange

What's better than cookies with friends? Cookie swaps or exchanges are fun ways to gather friends and neighbors for a festive time. They're so easy to organize and require very little effort on any one person's part. You can host one at work, home, church or other group. Just the mention of coffee and cookies will get people interested! Here's how they work. What is a Cookie Swap? Cookie swaps are a time for friends to bring over a few dozen cookies for exchanging. You decide in advance how many dozen to ask each person to bring. Usually, it's two dozen - one to swap and one for guests to enjoy at the party. Everyone bakes the recipe of their choice and arrives with a container big enough to hold the stash of cookies they will take home. You can also offer gallon sized zipper bags or Chinese take out cartons if you like. Your guests can fill them Read more

Scandinavian Rosette Cookies

Light and Crispy Deep-Fried Cookies! No, they're not some kind of rose cookie, but they are just as pretty! Rosettes are special crisp, tender pastries that are traditional in Scandinavia. An intricately designed heated iron is dipped into the batter, then immersed in hot oil to create a crisp shell around the metal. Once the cookie is golden brown, it is separated from the iron then sprinkled with powdered sugar or dipped in a glaze for a wonderful treat! Rosette irons can be found in a wide variety of shapes. Your best resource for finding unique rosette irons is online. There are shapes for holidays, along with general shapes (star and flower shapes). Rosette Recipe Making Rosettes is a great family tradition around the holidays and is a unique addition to your traditional Holiday cookies! Here's what you'll need to get started... Ingredients: 2 Read more

How to Send a Cookie Care Package to the Troops

Make the Holidays Brighter for the Brave Men and Women Overseas With so many of our courageous armed forces serving overseas (and right here in America) today, it's a great idea to send a care package to them. You can include toiletries, candy, socks, or anything you think they might like or needs, but a great way to put a smile on a soldier's face is to send a cookie gift basket care package! You don't have to know a soldier personally to brighten their day. Below I show you how to get shipping information for soldiers who would love to receive a care package to let them know someone's thinking of them! Pick Your Cookie You can bake them yourself or send store bought cookies. Just consider the fact that the cookies will be jostled around countless times in the mail. So select a bar cookie or other stable cookie that won't crush as easily. You Read more

Homemade Jar Mixes for Holidays and Every Day

All About Making Jar Mix Gifts As budgets are getting tighter, people are trying to find ways to still share special gifts and save money while doing so. A homemade gift has always been a great way to let someone special know you are thinking of them. One of my favorites is jar mixes. There are so many ways to create a masterpiece in a jar. From cookies to soups - the possibilities are endless! They make great gifts for teachers, your child's bus driver, the postal worker who delivers your mail... anyone! Below you'll find great recipes and tips for any occasion - Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Weddings, or Just Because. Picking a Jar So you want to start making your own jar gifts - welcome aboard! But where do you start? You've come to the right place. The first thing you need is the jar. The most common jar to use is a basic canning jar - also Read more

What A Sweet Life: Baking With Grandma!

Grandmas rock! My grandma was like Wonder Woman to me when I was growing up. She had already raised my mom and aunt, ran a successful dairy farm, and owned a hardware store. Sure we did all the girly stuff we could, she liked to put my hair in curlers and set me under the blow-dryer while we played barbies. Or we would go for walks out in the old cow pasture, plant things in the garden and filling my flower basket with fresh flowers. But there was one thing that really stuck out when I went to visit - this was her baking. Image by yooperann on Flickr Grandma Teaches Me to Bake I remember as a little girl, staying at my grandparents and baking up a storm. Grandma and I would bake delicious cookies, gourmet brownies, scrumptious cakes, you name it, we baked it! I guess you could say that Grandma was a "horrible" influence on me. But I loved every Read more