Biscotti - an Italian Cookie or Cake?

History of These Cookies Biscotti are crunchy snacks that originated in Italy. They are actually cookies and get their name from the fact that they are baked twice. The word biscotti means baked twice in Italian. And you will need to bake these little goodies twice to get the recipe right. It's very easy to make your own biscotti at home. You can add any touches you like including chocolate chips, dried cherries, hazelnuts, walnuts, or white chocolate chips. The original versions that are popular in Italy are anise flavored. They have a licorice taste. You can make the authentic version with anise flavored extract which is sold at grocery stores in the spice aisle. The Ingredients Shake it Up Here's the basic biscotti recipe you can try. Add your own flavors to it as you like and experiment to find out which are your favorites. Image courtesy of norwichnuts on Read more

Making Crispy Cookies

Crispy cookies can be very tricky to bake. You don't want them to be burnt, but you also don't want them to be chewy! If you like a crisp cookie, take a look at some of these ideas, tips and tricks to see what you might do differently to bake up a batch of perfect homemade cookies. Check your oven You may want to get a thermometer designed especially for measuring the inside temperature of your oven. You can find them at kitchen stores. The reason you want to find out the temperature of your oven is because all ovens are slightly different. Your recipe might call for 350 degrees, and your dial may say 350 degrees, but in the end, your oven may actually be reading a temperature of 358 degrees or even higher. This can cause your gourmet cookies to burn, since you have no idea that the temperature is off. So, checking your temperature is key. Don't over cook Crispy Read more

Cookie Icing - Creamy vs Hard

Dipping into Icing Hard or soft icing? That is the question bakers often struggle with. There are uses for both, so don't feel like you have to exclusively use one over the other. The softer frostings, like cream cheese icing, are perfect for icing cookies that you don't need to transport or that you're not going to decorate heavily. They will hold coconut, sprinkles, and other goodies that you want to drizzle on. Hard Icing Royal Icing Hard, or Royal icing, is mostly for gourmet cookies that you want to decorate with more elaborate designs. It will hold its shape, dry hard, and be easily transported. You can also work a number of colors into it for vibrant results. It's also the go-to staple for gingerbread houses. It will dry hard like spackle and you won't want to eat it when you're making a gingerbread house most times (since you'll be Read more

Corporate Cookie Gift Ideas

Break the Mold of Boring Gifts You are going to a trade show or conference. What will you get? Maybe another mouse pad with corporate logo? You haven't used a mouse pad in five years. Maybe you'll get a calendar? But you use a digitized one. Perhaps a pen? That's ok. At least you'll use it. We all know how impersonal, and downright boring, corporate business gifts can be. For your next event, tradeshow, meeting, conference, meet-and-greet, holiday, or special occasion, try something different. Cookies. It is genius! They're sweet; they're small; they can be customized with your business's logo and name; and, unlike a mouse pad or a calendar, they'll get used. Here are some corporate cookie gift ideas to consider. Corporate Logo Cookies You can find services that recreate your logo onto cookies. These are picture-perfect representations - and delicious Read more

How to Make a Cookie Pop

Have you ever seen those darling cookies on a stick and wondered if you could make them yourself? You can! It's so easy and so much cheaper than ordering a cookie bouquet online. You can make them in any colors and flavors you like and display them at a party or give them as gifts. If this has ever crossed your mind before, or if you're curious how it would be done, then you are in the right place! Below, you will find easy instructions to make your own decorated cookie favors! Easy, inexpensive and exciting; the perfect favors for your next party or get-together! Cookies as Party Favors How to get started If you want to give your pops as a favor at the end of the night, wrap each one in cellophane individually and tie with a ribbon. This will not only make them easier to travel with, but they will appear as cookie favors and not part of the party food. Cookie Read more