An Inexpensive Gift For Any Occasion - Cookies!

Is your gift budget looking a little lean?  Not to worry; right in your kitchen cabinets, you have the makings of beautiful gifts for any occasions, and any recipients. There is a reason why cookies are one of our all-time favorite treats: they make us happy. They’re delicious, they’re comforting, they remind us of home, of love, of friends, or of family.  What could be a better gift than that?

Here are some tips for making sure that your cookie gift is perfect for any occasion:

  • Consider the recipient. While cookies are beloved, not everyone likes sugar cookies. Not everyone likes raisins in their oatmeal.  If you know your recipient well, include one or two of his/her favorite varieties. If the gift is for a new neighbor, coworker, or another person you do not know as well, then include a variety of traditional choices, including chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal, snicker doodles, brownies, and M&M.

What if the recipient is diabetic, vegan, trying to watch sugar, fat, or calories, or just watches what he/she eats?  Cookies may still be an ideal gift; just make sure to include healthier varieties. You can find those that call for applesauce or pureed fruits instead of sugar, for instance, or those that use whole wheat flour instead of white.  Other choices are low-cal, including biscotti, which, with a selection of coffee or tea, would be a perfect gift.

  • It’s all about the presentation.  You don’t have to channel Martha Stewart – but you certainly can!  You can use cookie cutters to make themed cookies for any holiday or any hobby or taste. From butterflies, bees, and flowers for the gardener to basketballs, baseballs, and bats for the sports fan, you can use this simple method to create a great, personalized cookie arrangement.
  • Try out some decorating techniques.  Use sanding sugar, royal icing, melted chocolate, sprinkles, candy bits, and other treats to embellish your cookies.  This is wonderful because you can dress the cookies up to suit the occasion. Even if you just pipe a red outline and fill it in with green icing, that makes an excellent Christmas cookie.
  • Be creative. You can also start experimenting with cookie bouquets or cookie pops. There are tutorials all over the internet to help you. This takes your cookie gift to an entirely new level and does not require much additional expense.
  • Consider making a gift-in-a-jar. If you are not so handy with the oven, or if you want your recipient to be able to enjoy the cookies anytime he wants, then this is a great option. Again, you can find endless recipes for cookies-in-a-jar. These layered treats are beautiful and delicious.  Attach a ribbon with the instructions, and perhaps attach a whisk or mixing spoon as a useful embellishment.
  • It’s a wrap.  One of the most fun parts of making cookies is arranging them in a gorgeous presentation. Whether you are sending a box of cookies across the country or delivering a cookie basket next door, try some fun wrapping and packaging ideas.  You can individually wrap cookies (great if you’re shipping) in plastic wrap or cookie  favor bags and tie with ribbon. You can buy inexpensive cookie tins or boxes online, or put your treats into a reusable cookie jar.  Some people even package up large, individual cookies in a clean paper CD sleeve and then customize it for the occasion and recipient.
  • If you are short on time, buy premade cookie dough at the store and add your own embellishments. For instance, if you get sugar cookie dough, you can always add decoration, such as icing and sprinkles, or even use coloring to dye the dough.  You can purchase chocolate chip cookie dough and add nuts, more chocolate, M&Ms, or other treats. You don’t have to start from scratch in order to make homemade cookies!


Next time you are at a loss when it comes to gifts, think about cookies. It is inexpensive, easy, personal, and, best of all, they will be very much appreciated.

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