How To Make Sugar Cookie Scented Lip Gloss

How To Make Sugar Cookie Scented Lip Gloss

If you’ve got the bug this year for making homemade holiday gifts, try making scented lip gloss. It’s so easy and you can make several batches in just one afternoon. A trip to the craft store will get you everything you need to get started.

Types of Flavors

First, decide on how many lip gloss flavors you would like to make. If sugar cookies are your favorite, make all of them smell like yummy bouquets of cookies. If you also want to try chocolate chip cookies, or a fruity flavor, go right ahead. Just be sure to mix separate flavors in separate batches so the scents don’t mix.

Gloss Containers

You will need containers for your finished glosses. Many craft stores will offer empty tins for your gloss to set in. But you can also use tubes or pots that are small enough and will hold liquid. You’re best to use a container that will allow the user to dip their finger in. Deeper containers won’t allow your gift recipient to get all the gloss out of the bottom, so go with a shallow tin for best results.

The Ingredients

Petroleum jelly and your scented fragrance oil are the two big ingredients. That’s really it. Vaseline is a type of petroleum jelly you may already have in your home. If not, go to a drug store and pick up a big container of petroleum jelly in the lotions and creams aisle. It may also be with the baby products.

Scented oils come in different grades. Be sure you find one that’s suitable for use on human skin. Not all are. If the bottle says not to use on skin, you can use it for candle making or other purposes. But ask at a craft or health food store for a fragrance oil that is safe to touch and for on the lips. Oils can be caustic and burn skin if they are not the right type.

Making the Lip Gloss

Once you have your oil and your petroleum jelly, you’ll need a vessel to melt the jelly in. Use a candle making container made of metal that has a pour spout. You’ll find this in the candle making aisle for a few dollars. Set the pitcher on a burner of your stove on low heat. Scoop in as much petroleum jelly as you think you will need. Judge by the amount when it is solidified in the jar. That’s how much gloss you’ll get out of it when it rehardens.

Stand by the stove and watch as the jelly melts in the pitcher. Don’t walk away or you could have a fire on your hands. Stir with an old wooden spoon that you’re not going to use for food again. When the jelly has melted, add as many drops of cookie fragrance oil as you like. Stir.

Pour the molten liquid into your tins or containers. Allow to sit overnight so it hardens again. Store in an area that’s cool, but not freezing. When it comes time to gift your friends and family with your creation, place a nice ribbon around the container or design a special sticker to go on top of it.

Making cookie scented lip gloss at home is easy when you have the right tools on hand. And it’s an inexpensive gift that everyone loves getting.

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