Halloween Cookie Gift Ideas

Halloween is only two weeks away, but the decorations are up and the kids are all excited about their costumes. But if you have family out of town, or want to send your children Halloween cookies at college, now is the time to get busy! So before you pull out the pre-made cookie batch from the freezer, why not consider some creative (and festive) Halloween cookie gift ideas you could use this year. Here's some options to get you started.

Royal Iced Pumpkins

Image by davitydave on FlickrIt's certainly easy enough to find cookie cutters of all shapes and sizes these days, so if you want a perfect pumpkin, all you have to do is look online (on sites such as Amazon.com) and purchase a pumpkin cookie cutter. But it's not necessary, you can also shape your own if you have a circle cookie cutter or just a hard plastic cup.

If you're using a circle cookie cutter, cut the cookie and then warp the cookie a little by pulling it into more of an oval. For the hard plastic cup, just squeeze the edges of the cup a little bit to form an oval and press into your dough for the perfect pumpkin shape.

After your cookie shapes are made, you'll need to press on the pumpkin stems. This is easy! Just grab a little dough, roll between your fingers for a rope-like form, then press into the top of the pumpkin ovals and flatten. Bake as directed, then let cool for about 20 minutes before you ice.

When it comes time to ice your pumpkin cookies, use orange to fill the cookie, then when it is hard, you can add in black for the face - customize to your desire! Lastly, use green on the stem to finish off your delicious pumpkins. Fill a nice box with tissue paper (the more festive, the better) then carefully fill with your pumpkin cookies. It is helpful to wrap cookies in cellophane to keep them a little safer, and more fresh as well.

Festive Chocolate M&M Cookies

Image by stevendepolo on FlickrIf you don't have enough time to shape, bake, and decorate - there's no worries! You can still make festive, delicious cookies to share with your loved ones. Take your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe but instead of chocolate chips, substitute Halloween M&M's. These orange and black M&M's will look super festive and will still be completely tasty. Plus, it's less time consuming than actually decorating your cookies.

When your cookies have cooled, wrap them individually in cellophane and place them in a festive cookie tin for the ultimate presentation! Your recipient will love the spooky surprise.

No matter what you decide to do for your cookie gift, it's always the thought that counts. And don't forget to add in a little note wishing them a very happy Halloween!

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