Got Hard Cookies? How To Soften Cookies

Got Hard Cookies? How To Soften CookiesSome cookies, like springerle, are meant to be rock hard. When you dip them in coffee or tea, they become a delectable treat. Other cookies, like chocolate chip and sugar cookies, are meant to be a softer texture. If you have baked a batch of cookies that has turned rock hard, don’t throw them out. There are a few things you can do to soften them again.

You will find that the most common advice is to place the cookies in a plastic container that seals. Include a piece of white bread along with the cookies. Seal the container and wait from a few hours to overnight. This should soften the cookies up again. The humidity in the bread will leach out and soften the cookies.

That’s the big fix it strategy. But if you are looking for some other things to try, consider what your cookies are made of. Are they sugar cookies with a high butter or shortening content? If you stored them in the refrigerator, they probably turned hard. This is because the fats returned to their solid state when chilled. Try leaving them out on the counter for a few hours. This should return the shortening to its more liquid state and the cookies should be pliable enough to eat.

Another remedy for hard cookies is to place a slice of apple in with the cookies. Cover them with a lid inside a plastic container. This works to make them supple enough again for eating. Like a hunk of bread, this works because the humidity is drawn out into the cookies.

Other things you can try are taking a moist, not soaking wet, paper towel and placing it over a few cookies on a tray. Put them in the microwave for a few seconds and they should return to their normal, edible state. However, if you put them on for more than a few seconds, you’re going to have cookies that are completely inedible they’ll be so hard.

Some bad advice is floating around among novices and on the Internet as well. Don’t try to rebake the cookies in the oven. This will only cause them to harden even further. And don’t try to wet them by soaking them in water! You’ll end up with swollen, bloated cookies that no one will be able to eat.

If you are dealing with a batch of gourmet cookies that you overbaked to begin with, you can try these remedies for softening them. They may soften up a little. But the main thing is not to make the same mistake again next time. The big culprit that leads to inedible cookies is overbaking. If you have a tendency to walk away once you put your cookies in the oven, consider sticking around. Every oven is different and yours may heat up too quickly and your cookies may not need as much baking time as the recipe calls for. Experiment next time by pulling the cookies out a few minutes sooner. And don’t forget that cookies continue to bake from carry over heat while they are sitting on a hot cookie sheet. Remove them right away to stop the cooking.

Try these remedies for hard cookies and you should have dozens of soft cookies to enjoy.


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