Five Fun Ways to Eat an Oreo Cookie

Ways To Eat Oreo Cookies
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Is there any cookie as divine as the Oreo? This little sandwich cookie has stolen the nation’s heart. With just two crispy wafer cookies and a creamy middle, this cookie couldn’t be simpler. But its genius is in its lack of ornamentation. It’s wholesome deliciousness comes from ingredients that are basic and yet amazingly yummy.

So, how do you eat an Oreo cookie? This debate has raged on for some time. Is there any one right way to eat an Oreo? Here are some of the ways Oreo lovers eat their Oreos. Try them all and see what you think.

1) The Scrape

This method involves taking the cookie apart very carefully. You twist the top half off the Oreo while holding the bottom wafer steady with the other hand. Once the cookie is open, you bring the half with the cream to your mouth. Using your top or bottom teeth, scrape the filling off the cookie. It may take one or two strokes to get all that succulent cream off. Then you can crunch on the wafer halves.

2) The Dunk

Some people like to dunk their Oreos in milk. Milk is Oreo’s best friend, so that’s no surprise. The dunking is done by pinching the Oreo between the thumb and first finger. A half submersion is recommended for the first dunk. Sink the cookie in the milk until it touches your finger nail. Eat. Then redunk until there is no more cookie left.

3) The Mash

A technique used by some Oreo lovers is The Mash. This involves submerging several Oreos at once into a glass of milk. Using a spoon, you mash the Oreos until they’ve become a delectable pulp. Either drink the concoction, or spoon it out into your mouth.

4) The Whole Bite

Yes, it’s true; some Oreo eaters do remove the cookie from the package and eat it like they would any other cookie. They take a cookie in hand and bring it to their mouth and just bite. There’s no fanfare. Just pure cookie goodness. It’s a purist’s approach and best for beginners.

5) The Chow Down

Anyone who’s ever cleared out an entire row of Oreos in one sitting knows about The Chow Down. This method involves eating more than one Oreo at a time. Taking three cookies in hand, the eater will shove them in his mouth. Crunching down on a mass of Oreos is very satisfying. The only problem with this method is that you run out of Oreos faster. You can also take your Oreos and crumble them into a glass of milk in numbers. Four or five Oreos, when crumbled, will fit nicely into a large glass of milk. You can then spoon them out like a cool dessert, or drink the mixture right out of the cup.

Oreo eaters worldwide, and indeed around the country, have their own methods for eating their favorite cookie. There is no one right way to eat an Oreo. You have to try a few methods to find one that works for you, for all kinds of different Oreos (even chocolate covered oreos!) No two eaters have exactly the same requirements. Some need the cookie to be mashed and some need it to be free of any milk whatsoever.  However you eat them, they're sure to bring lots of smiles!

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  • isabelle dupont says:

    I love the way you presented youre web site page and I would like you to help me make a gigantic oreo for my next perade in nyc. A real one that is about 20 feet hight and 3 feet wide.

    Isabelle Dupont
    Three rivers academy.

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