Have Fresh Baked Cookies Delivered Right to Their Door

Gourmet Cookie TrayWhen the doorbell rings and a basket of cookies is waiting in the hands of a delivery man, the whole day suddenly starts to brighten up. Everyone loves to get cookies and to have them delivered to your door is even better. If you want to put a sparkle into someone’s day, send a cookie bouquet or basket! They’re perfect for birthdays, congratulations, retirements, engagements, thank yous, and more. In fact, there’s really no wrong time to send a batch of cookies.

Know the company you are selecting to send your cookies.  Check out how long the company has been in business? Have they got a customer service department you can actually speak to, or is the whole operation entirely online with no helpline whatsoever? Go for a company who will pick up the phone should something go wrong. It’s fine to order online; just know that there is a number there if you need it.

How will your cookies be packaged? Are they arriving in the middle of August in a plain brown box? After they’ve sat in a hot warehouse and delivery truck, your cookies will be melted goop by the time your recipient opens them. So see if they deliver locally or in a cooler packed with dry ice. If you can’t get an answer from their web site, call the customer service number and find out before you place your order.

See how fast the company ships. Is there a two-day lag period on any order? If you need the cookies to arrive tomorrow for your sister’s birthday, don’t go with a company that won’t promise overnight delivery. Pay a little more and choose a company who will guarantee your delivery on the day you need it.

Is there a quality guarantee? What if your recipient opens a box of crumbs or the cookies are spoiled? Is there a way to get your money back or get a replacement batch sent out? Most businesses who plan to stay in the cookie delivery business know what they are doing and you’ll be happy with your delivery. But there’s always that one chance that something might not be right. What is the guarantee you can hold them to?

Finally, decide which type of cookies you’d like to send and the price range you want to shop in. Most company web sites allow you to browse by price range. That way you don’t end up falling in love with a cookie basket that’s twice what you wanted to spend. You’ll filter your results by the range you can afford and only see those options.

Sending cookies is a joyful task. See about sending rose cookies on sticks or a big tin full of individually wrapped cookies which will last longer and the recipient will have more time to eat. Ask about nut products used in case your recipient has allergies and make sure that information is included with the delivery. And check with any hospital staff before you send food baskets to a hospital floor. Most times it’s fine, but depending on the person’s illness, they may not be able to receive them.


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  • Bigant says:

    I once sent a gift basket of fresh baked cookies to a friend on her birthday, and she told me that my gift put a smile on her face like nothing else she received on her special day. I think a fresh baked cookie gift basket is a wonderful idea for any holiday or special occasion that anyone will appreciate.

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